A Letter to Parents

Dear parents,

Welcome and welcome back to a new school year at Oakwood Elementary.  Knowing how difficult it can be to get kids up and moving while getting back into a routine and starting school, we are offering a few tips for a smooth first week of school:

- Be positive!  Nothing sets the tone for a year like the attitude of one’s closest role models--your parents!  If you are excited and positive, your children will know that and be in a positive mindset as they begin their new year, meet their new teacher, and make new friends!

- Be a role model! Tell about your day, a quick catalog of events, and tell how you handle things that don’t go the way you wanted/expected.

- Be prompt!  Getting to school on time is crucial to your child’s success in school! From greeting and checking in with friends, to signing up for lunch, and starting the day ahead of the game, there’s nothing like being late to set your child up for a rough day.  (Having said that, we have kids and know that it will happen on rare occasions, just don’t make it a habit!)

- Be prepared! Make sure your child has all the needed school supplies, lunch money in his/her account, knows how to get home at the end of the day.  This will make the beginning of the year  easier.

- Be empathetic but in control!  Some kids, especially when it’s their first year of school, will become very upset as they have to leave the house or get dropped off at school.  It’s important that you acknowledge their fears/worries and remind them “You are brave, you can do this.”  Each day discuss what they liked most about their day and continue to point out the positives of being in school.  However, what you want to avoid is allowing them to arrive at school late or stay home when they become upset.  Two book suggestions are The Invisible String by, Patrice Karst and The Kissing Hand by, Audrey Penn.  These are also available to borrow from our office.  If the episodes continue to happen, please contact the counseling office for more support and resources.  

We look forward to the school year and please let us know how we can support you and your child.

See you soon!

Tara Hengesbach, School Counselor 


Jamie Hickey, Social Worker